Project Structure

Project Office

Sergio Andreozzi (EGI Foundation) is the SPECTRUM Project Director and WP7 Lead

Patricia Ruiz (EGI Foundation) is the SPECTRUM Project Manager and WP1/WP2 Lead

Sjomara Specht (EGI Foundation) is the Quality & Risk Manager for SPECTRUM

Xavier Salazar (EGI Foundation) is the SPECTRUM Exploitation Manager

Gwen Franck (EGI Foundation) is Communications Manager for the SPECTRUM Project

Work Packages


Project Management, Communications and Events

This work package aims to ensure the smooth running of the project and the timely achievement of all project goals.

  • Overall administration, financial, and project management, including quality and risk management
  • Organising the various project activities and events, internal and external communications
  • High-level supervision of the project governance and the rest of the work packages, as well as all legal and contractual obligations


  • T1.1 Project management and coordination
  • T1.2 Quality and Risk management
  • T1.3 Dissemination, Communications and Exploitation


  • T2.1 Project management and coordination
  • T2.2 Quality and Risk management
  • T2.3 Dissemination, Communications and Exploitation
Lead Partner

EGI Foundation